Earth Day - April 22, 2012

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News about Recycle Bins

I went to Griffith Park for the Composting Event. I took a few photos to share with you.

I'm also very excited to show you how much goes into my Blue Recycling Bin and how little is going into my Black Trash Bin. Take a look at what can be put in your recycle bin and let me know how your recycling effort is going.


  I have some exciting news about what can go in our trash can (the black bin), the recycle bin (blue), and the yard trimming bin (green). Now this infomation is for folks that live in the City of Los Angeles, but it's a great guide for other cities as well. Check with your local sanitaion department to confirm the differences.


ITEMS THAT NEED TO GO INTO THE TRASH: Paper bags and boxes with grease or food residue. Like cardboard burger boxes or pizza boxeswith soaked up the grease. The top is ok in this picture, but the bottom is greasy so that part goes in the trash! Wood treated with paint, varnish or has nails in it.
Fabric or Cloth should be donated to a charity or thrift store. Ruby is looking for ways to collect fabric for recycling but in the meantime soiled fabrics or damaged clothing goes in the trash.
Animal Waste...should be in an air tight bag and tied.
Disposable Diapers...also go in the TRASH.


ITEMS FOR THE BLUE BIN: Clean Styrafoam (plates, cups, containers, packing materials),
Glass bottles
Aluminum beverage cans
Tin & Metal food cans
Aerosol & Paint cans that are ***Empty and Dry***
All Plastics with the Mobius numbers 1 - 7 (jugs, bottles, tubs, containers)
All Plastic bags & film bags (grocery bags, dry cleaning bags, news paper bags)
All Clean Paper -newspaper, envelopes, magazines (try to share them first), phone books, fliers
Cardboard & corrugated boxes
Aluminum foil and trays.


Weeds (dirt removed)
Fruit and Vegetables
Clean Wood
Leaves and Tree Branches.

The City of Los Angeles Sanitation
Department of Public Works...A must see!

Click here to view a pdf (adobe acrobat file) of what can go into your recycle bins.
Great photos and text in English and Spanish.

Click here to find out more about the Compost Bin Event and Schedule:
At Griffith Park on the 4th Saturday of every month 10am-12pm .
... And link to their informative Web site.

Now I have to be honest. I tried this compost bin and if you have a green yard trimming bin you really don't need one of these. You're alreading disposing of your yard trimmings in the most productive way!



Beautiful Griffith Park
The Composting Facility is past Travel Town (also a great place to visit, especially if you like trains).
Continue straight on Griffith Park Drive into the hills and it will be just around the next bend on the left.

Look at all the great equipment you get to work
with in the recycling/composting world!

More tractors and grinders.

The finished product...mounds of it!